I'm a JavaScript, PHP and Drupal developer based in Bristol. I have been in the web and design industry for 8 years, it's my job and a passion of mine! I'm a versatile developer with a wealth of experience in design, prototyping, JavaScript and PHP development. I have worked on various medium to large scale projects as both a front and back-end developer. I have a passion for new JavaScript technologies and enjoy testing them out.


I’ve been using JavaScript for the last 7 years, recently I have been using Backbone to structure my code creating a user dashboard with data from a sql database (REST API) and visualising them with google charts or gRapheal.js. I have played with Angular (LOVE IT) and a MEAN stack in my free time and I’m currently building a web app with these technologies. I have also been looking into and trying out TDD & BDD using Jasmine.js. I also try and structure my code in a modular architecture. I am active in the local JavaScript community.

  • OOP
  • Angular
  • Backbone
  • Node
  • Build tools (Grunt and Gulp)


I started off my career as a designer/Frontend developer working on visuals and Yell’s intranet. I was self taught and started working on websites in my free time for clients. Recently I have used Foundation but I have used Bootstrap for most of my projects with a workflow of Grunt and more recently gulp as my build tools. I have become obsessed with SMACSS and structuring sass/less this way. I have been to a couple of Frontend United conferences around England.

  • SASS
  • Less
  • Gulp
  • Grunt
  • Bower


I’ve been working with php since 2008 building Magento, prestashop, Wordpress and Drupal themes. I also built my own CMS system which was terrible however I learnt a lot from these mistakes and continually use PHP writing OOP and procedural code in my professional work. Recently I have been playing with Symfony and Twig and really enjoyed these framework and it’s components and structuring my code with a modular architecture and using PSR coding standards.

  • OOP
  • Procedural
  • Symfony Components
  • Composer
  • PSR


I have been using Drupal since 2009 as a site builder, themer and fronted developer. For the last three years I have been working with Drupal as a backend developer building custom modules and building and maintaining many large scale projects including SJS the largest job search site in New Zealand, a performance management system used in over 4 continents, RCP London and Blue chip holidays. I’m active in the local Drupal community and designed and built the DrupalCamp Bristol website. I also have attended the DrupalCamp London on numerous occasions and am going to Druplacon Barcelona.

  • Theming/Theme System
  • Custom Modules
  • Site Building


December 2014 – Present

Microserve Ltd


Full Stack Developer.

November 2012 – December 2014

Simitive Ltd


Developer working on their performance management system that is used in over 4 continents.

April 2011 – November 2012

Creative Lodge

Developer. (Freelance)

Developer, Digital Designer and UI/UX Designer, working with small to medium size businesses.

October 2010 – November 2012

All Audi Ltd

Developer and Designer

I was working mainly as a web developer, working with Drupal, jQuery and Javascript. My roles involved building and maintaining their site and making sure their corporate brand is well perceived.

February 2008 - October 2010



Developer, Digital Designer and UI/UX Designer.

August 2004 – October 2010

Yell Ltd

Graphic Artist

Creating high end visuals and photo motion videos.

While I'm not developing I have two kids that keep me very busy. I also love to surf and ride motorbikes (When I have a spare 5minutes) and going to tech meetups.